How to make your workplace great again

In a world where staff are losing engagement working from home and the office space is no longer fit for purpose…
The Post Pandemic Workplace

The 3 step strategy to get your team and culture back on track

  • How to get staff lining up to come back to the office
  • How to get your culture back on track so you can attract and retain the best talent
  • How to identify an office space that fits your needs in a COVID19 world

Is your current workplace no longer fit for purpose?

The pandemic has dramatically disrupted how we work. We may have thought it was temporary disruption, where we make a few adjustments, and all will eventually return to normal. It’s not turned out that way.

People are struggling with remote work and organisations are faltering as they figure out what the future may look like. For many, work and home are barely distinguishable, and employees are feeling disconnected from each other and their purpose. 

Organisational culture is eroding as leaders fail to clearly articulate a plan to move forward.

Questions organisations should be considering…

  • Should you be downsizing our office now or will people eventually return in force?
  • Are your team members working at home without the workspace provision they need to adequately fulfill their role? And what’s the action plan if they don’t?
  • How do you effectively collaborate over Teams or Zoom, is it even possible?
  • ​Is your office space busy in some areas and completely empty in others? Do people want to collaborate but find that half the people they want to see aren’t in the office at the same time?
  • ​What is the best approach for your specific business: remote first, hub and spoke, office-first, or a blended operating model? And how can you figure it out?
How we increased employee experience scores by 20% and saved millions of dollars
In this webinar we will share with you the blueprint we created after working with dozens of companies. We’ll pull back the curtain on the exact strategies we use with our clients.

Remote working, flexible working and figuring out office space requirements is not new. 

We’ve been helping businesses do this for years. We've worked with leaders of over 75 organisations and we know what works. We’ve saved our clients millions of dollars in office space costs and improved average employee experience scores by 20%.

Our Speakers

Steve Collis

  •  Steve has worked at the intersection of people, space and culture for over 15 years. 
  • ​His background in education has left him particularly qualified for navigating people through new growth curves.
  • ​Active in thought leadership, Steve has presented keynote addresses in America, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, and has also published academically.
  • ​He believes, from experience, that “when strategy meets culture, culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner."


Lisa Justice
  • Lisa has spent over 15 years researching and strategizing around the lived experience of teams and the impact of the built environment on the employee and client experience.
  • Her particular passion is workplace wellbeing; a foundation for other strategic imperatives such as productivity or the embrace of collaboration.
  • Lisa is as comfortable facilitating C-Suite strategy conversations as she is connecting one on one with staff on the ground. 
  • ​Take the two together and you have Lisa’s perfect recipe: a vision for a workplace that is both transformational and instantly credible at the front lines.
What you will learn on this free webinar:
  • Determining The Optimal Office Space. We give you the exact tools we use with our clients to calculate how much office space you need in a blended working environment.
  • Getting Team Culture On Track. If you're concerned that remote work is gradually eroding engagement, especially for new staff, we’ll show you strategies to help get your culture back to create emotionally healthy, mentally resilient and high performing virtual or hybrid teams.
  • Increasing Employee Engagement. If your staff love working from home and don’t want to come back to the office, we're going to show you how to create a better office environment that will have staff literally queuing to come back!

Workplace Experts Since 2005

Over the years, the Workplace Strategy team at Amicus has assisted organisations of every size, shape and industry to establish workplace environments that bring out the very best in their people. In many instances, our clients have won awards for projects that we were proud to support with strategic visioning and change advice. 

For our team, the issues COVID has brought to the surface are nothing new. For many years prior to the pandemic, we helped our clients successfully deploy high flex ways of working matched with a smaller office footprint and enhanced used of technology. This is simply a great idea whose time has now come. 

And our secret sauce? More than anything we know how to build a shared picture of the future that everyone can say yes to. The picture frame consists of well choreographed physical spaces (home, office, other), technologies, and ways of working. And the picture itself… is all about the people!. 



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